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Creating a Life You Love.

We hear a lot about… “Creating a Life You Love.” We say Yes! Let’s do it! Let’s start by creating a LifeStyle that you love, now. Next, sharing that LifeStyle with others.

Are you in?

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Dr. Matt’s Specials:



Building strong bones, based on science.



D3 helps to absorb calcium.

Local Delivery – directly to your OsteoStrong center, day after tomorrow! No shipping, short waiting. More fun than buying online!

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Trying to figure out where to start, or up-level your journey towards better health, more energy and actually thriving?

Shaklee makes it easy, use the HealthPrint.

Health Print
  1. Take the Health Print assessment. Takes 5 minutes on your smartphone. 20 quick questions and, later a private consult on what it all means, what your goals are and next steps forward on our health journey. Click here or on the green button, to take your Health Print.
  1. Next ~ Book an appointment with Robin for your Free Health Print consult. Click here to find a time that works for you. This is the time when you tell me, what your health goals are, what are the outcomes you are looking to create in your life.


Fish Friendly Car Wash & Fundraiser

Wondering how to have a Green Fundraiser Car Wash? This is the web site for you.

Schools and other non-profits receive a 10% discount. Contact Robin@FeelSoAlive.biz or 541.525.0703 for more information.

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